Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find a TriStar firearm?

We are building up our Dealer base everyday.  Please use the "Locate A Dealer" application located at the left of every page to locate the nearest TriStar Dealer.  If nothing comes up, please increase the search distance.

Where do I submit my Warranty?

Please click here to submit your warranty.

How long is my TriStar under warranty?

TriStar’s Five Year Warranty is specific to the function and operation of the guns offered under the TriStar Sporting Arms license. This warranty extends to long guns only, and specifically to the function and operation. All wood is under warranty for 1 year as it is a natural product. Hand guns and rifles are under warranty for 1 year. Warranty includes; parts, labor, and return shipping, owner is responsible for shipping firearm to TriStar. The warranty does not extend to obvious abuse or misuse of the firearm or if the firearm is used for any purpose other than hunting, competition, or sporting situations. The Five Year Warranty is only offered to original owner and does not apply to used guns. Warranty is also void if any work is performed on the gun by anyone other than a TriStar gunsmith.

How do I tell the difference between all my choke tubes?

Your TriStar Shotgun should come with either a set of three or five choke tubes depending on which model you purchased. There are notches on the top of each tube (the part opposite the threads). Notches indicate the choke tube size.


What choke should I use if I am shooting steel?

We do not recommend shooting steel through anything tighter than a modified choke. Steel is much harder than lead and does not deform when passing through the choking system. Therefore, when shooting steel through a modified choke, the pattern is equivalent to that of lead shot through a full choke. In principle, when using normal size steel (not F, T, BB or BBB); you should use one more open choke size than you would use with lead. T, F, BB, and BBB should not be used with any choke tighter than Improved Cylinder.

What kind of choke tubes does my TriStar shotgun use?

All TriStar Shotguns use the Beretta®/Benelli® Style choke tubes. You can purchase extra choke tubes through our service department by calling (816) 421-1400

The barrel of my shotgun is stamped 3"  for the chamber length. Can I shoot 2 3/4" shells through it?

Yes. Anytime a barrel is stamped 3" it will be able to shoot both 2 3/4" shells and 3" shells unless otherwise stated.

Where can I purchase extra TriStar pistol magazines from?

All TriStar Pistol magazines can be purchased directly through our service department.

What do I do if my TriStar is malfunctioning and I need to send it in for repair?

We apologize for any inconvenience and vow to repair your gun as fast as possible. The first thing you should do is make sure the gun is unloaded. It is extremely dangerous and illegal to ship loaded firearms. Next, you will need to ship the gun to TriStar so we can have our in-house gunsmith examine and fix the problem. Package the firearm in a safe manner as to not cause damage during shipping. Please do not ship the firearm solely in its original box as we are not responsible for damages that may occur in transit. Also include a letter that has your name, phone #, and a return address. On this letter you will need to indicate the problem as best you can (i.e.: The gun is not cycling or it is misfiring). The more specific you can be, the faster we can address the problem and get your firearm back to you. Include details about what ammunition you were using, how often the problem occurs, etc.?

Where do I ship my TriStar Firearm if it needs to be repaired?

Attn: Repair
1816 Linn St.
North Kansas City, MO 64116

What might cause my TriStar Shotgun to have cycling issues?

There are many reasons why a gun might have trouble cycling shells. First, make sure you have thoroughly cleaned your shotgun. Use good synthetic gun oil to clean and avoid using compounds such as WD-40, as this congeals and causes more harm than good. Second, make sure that your O-ring is in the correct place (see manual or call TriStar Customer Service). Third, a shotgun has many moving parts; when it is new it can be tight. Sometimes just running a few heavy rounds though it will loosen it up and work out the problem. Fourth, not all ammo is created equal. There are a few light target loads on the market that do not function very well in any semi-automatic (some of these loads will say this directly on the box of shells).

Where was my TriStar gun manufactured?

Look at the base of the barrel of your firearm; there will be stamped information that BATF regulates by on every firearm.  This will tell you in which country the firearm was produced.

Can I order direct from TriStar?

No, TriStar sells to firearm distributors who then sell to dealers. Have your local dealer call for availability.

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